About Me [Andreas Selevik (Karlsson)]

I'm a 35 years old Office 365-, Azure-, Powershell- and Windows Server (but mostly cloud) Evangelist from Norrköping, Sweden.

I've been working with IT for the last 11 years and it all started with me working as a College teacher teaching youths all about Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory! These days - after some detours along the road - I work with designing solutions at Advania as a Solution Arthictect specialized in Azure, Office 365, Identity management (and governance), Automation and Powershell (oh and some C#).

At home I try to automate my life as much as possible with hass.io & z-wave. There I've also got a lovely wife, two boys and a girl and I'm doing my very best to teach them all about Minecra... Manchester United of course!