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Messages from the Command box without switching context, Dialing out (and in) from Teams, Auto-favorite important channels, Planner & Sharepoint Online integration etc... yep it's time for another big Team news post again for all our favorite client ;).

Here are the best ones according to me:

Teams General

Send a message from the command box - Now you can send messages directly from the Command without changing context. This is means that you can start a chat with anyone by using @username without having to click on the chat-tab. It looks like this:


Send chat from Contact card - You can start the chat straight from the contact card, also without needing to switch context.

Dial out of a group call - It's now (soon?) possible to call out from a group call to an external number. That person, behind the external number, will then be a part of the group call. This feature is only for group calls right now but will probably come to meetings as well pretty soon! Neat!

Dial in to a group call - Same as the good 'ole Skype meetings feature to call into a group call (again, still not in Team meetings but probably pretty soon).


Reminder when a team is expiring - You will now get a warning when the Team is about to expire if the expiration date is within 30 days (if you have enabled this AAD-Premium feature). It looks like this:


Auto-favorite important channels - When you create a new channel you can set the team to be "auto-favorite" for all the members. I know some people have been asking for this feature, especially in an ever-growing Teams world ;)

Collaboration in Teams

Planner stuff - Two new views in the planner app for teams, the Schedule View which gives you an overview of upcoming tasks in a calender view. Here you can drag and drop to set dates for the tasks. Charts view which contains different kind of charts (pie-chart for task status, bars for buckets etc) with information about the project. There is now also possible to filter and group by different tags and statuses of the tasks.

Sharepoint-stuff in unique tabs - We have always been able to link to Sharepoint from Teams in a tab... but now we can have multiple unique tabs that link directly to content, such as lists and sites. For lists it's also possible to let the users filter the list directly from the teams client. Neat!

Sharepoint News Connector - One of the best features of them all. It's now possible to add a SPO News Connector to the team which will post a preview of the news article in the channel and let people discuss it (or just browse to it :P).


For the full round up head over to the Microsoft blog: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams-Blog/What-s-new-in-Microsoft-Teams-May-update/ba-p/189830


And a bonus:

Effective May 20, 2018, the Windows Phone apps for Microsoft Teams will be retired and will no longer be available for download from the Windows Phone Store... Moving forward, the recommended alternative for Windows Phone users for Microsoft Teams is access via a browser.

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