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Microsoft Team news - "biggest update yet"

Last week Microsoft announced a feature rich release of Microsoft Teams. Let's get right to it:

  • You can now include content from apps—like a news article—directly in a conversation (kinda like link-preview in the O365 webmail)
  • Include information from an app in a conversation. The same way as you add GIF's or Emojis to a message you can now add links to Planner task (and other applications). Here's an official example with a Trello task:
  • Personal view of your apps - kinda like the overview in OneDrive (recently viewed files etc)
  • Even more apps in the updated store. Go check it out: Teams-feature-update-2b
  • A beefed-up search bar ("command box") at the top of the client
  • Query apps from the command box. Search for information (or wheater forecasts) and present the information/app you found to your team. Microsoft will put even more effort into actually doing stuff with the applications in the future (ie creating a workitem in VSStudio Online). Type "@" to get started.
  • Slash commands are here! /away brb, /call a.random.name or /goto a.random.name. Type "/" to see all available commands!

It's good to see how much effort Microsoft puts down into Teams, last Ignite everything was about the modern workplace based around Teams and now it's finally starting to show!

Some more features coming "soon":

  • True guest access - w/o Azure-account
  • Support for private channels
  • Same/shared precense with Skype for Business
  • Compact chat layout
  • Ability to see who is in a channel
  • Different notifications options on teams and channels
  • Auto scroll down when new messages comes in
  • Code snippets with highlighting

Source: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public


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