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Office 365 Migration tool - migrate your File Shares / SharePoint OnPrem to OneDrive

The (old) FastTrack tool for migrating users has finally arrived with the very intuitive name: SharePoint Migration Tool. As the name suggests it's possible to migrate SharePoint 2010/2013 files (and document libraries) but more importantly is the option to migrate File Shares.

So let's get right to it.

The Tool

First of you need to head over to http://spmtreleasescus.blob.core.windows.net/install/default.htm and fetch the Sharepoint Migration Tool.

Secondly we want to install the tool:

There is also a The SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool (SMAT) available if you are migrating data from Sharepoint OnPremise. I will skip that in this article tho. But the tool will basically scan the contents of your SP environment and give you a report including links to articles if there is anything you need to fix before migrating.

Here are some screen shots showing how the migration process looks. I will explain in more detail in the next post how we will customize this process.

Select what to migrate from

Select a local/network folder and a destination Site in SPO

The scanning of the local folder starts...

When the migration is finished you get the option to setup incremental runs. A really neat feature

When you start up the application again after finishing

When you start from a CSV instead. I only had one task but you can add more straight in the csv or manually

Next time / in the future

In the next post future I will show how you can use this tool with some PowerShell-magic to migrate users home folders to OneDrive. Stay tuned ;)


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