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Ignite2017 - OneDrive news

Here are some OneDrive news coming soon (or is being rolled out right now). All in all the product looks even more ready to replace Dropbox, Box and all other solutions out there. Let's get right to it:

Files on demand - as everyone (right?) knows in the next Windows 10 update, the "Creators update" OneDrive will finally get the support to just keep file-"tombstones" and not force sync all the files from OneDrive. For instance, let's say you get a new computer then you don't need to sync everything from you last computer. Instead you get the option to chose what files you want to have available "offline" and what files that will be available to sync. The new feature is that you will also be able to preview these online files from your computer.

See file activity yourself - you will now be able to see who has read or edited your file w/o opening the actual file. You will be able to see that right from a file

Shared with me - gets better and faster with more Metadata, such as information on when the file was shared with you.

Anti ransomware - the biggest news (or the news that got the most applauds) was the new upcoming feature for self service restore of files. Basically the end users can get a 30-days timeline with all the changes to their OneDrive and they get the options to restore their whole OneDrive to a point in time. A really good way to combat RansomWare!


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