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SharePoint Online news in 2017 - one week after SharePoint Virtual Summit

Here I'll shortly address some of the key features coming out of Sharepoint Virtual Summit that was held last week. To watch the full summit use this link: https://event.microsoft.com/events/2017/1705/SharepointSummit/. The most important part of news is the following quotes from the official blog post:

As customers transition to the cloud, we’re seeing tremendous adoption of SharePoint:

More than 250,000 organizations and over 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies now have SharePoint as part of Office 365.

If that's not impressive enough:

In the last year, usage of SharePoint has grown 90 percent, content stored has grown 300 percent and more than 10 million new SharePoint sites have been created.

And online vs OnPrem:

More than 60 percent of SharePoint seats are now online, reflecting the value customers see with SharePoint in Office 365.

Basically Microsoft confirmed what I, and most people working with Microsoft Products, have been seeing in our professional lives the last year(s) - cloud products are the future.

Here are all the most important news summarized:

  • SharePoint Communication Sites - a new kind of publishing sites (even tho Microsoft didn't want to mix it up with Publishing Sites but rather have them exist side-by-side). The focus is on efficiently communicating information using the various page layouts and web parts and they come with built-in page comments.
  • OneDrive for Business Sync improvements - users can now share files directly from File Explorer in Windows (7 to 10) and through Finder on Mac.
  • Office 365 groups everywhere - soon everything will be run on Office 365 groups, even previous created Sharepoint Site Collections. Microsoft didn't explain the transition fully but now, finally, Office 365 groups is becoming the glue that keeps everything together.
  • PowerApps and Flow become more integrated to SharePoint - more option to create workflows and other automations through PowerApps (less support for Sharepoint Designer from the sound of it).
  • SharePoint Visual Improvements: Page Layouts and Web Parts - better looking experience over all with some new layouts and web parts (calendar one looked really nice).
  • Delve Profiles - more integrated and nicer Delve Profiles integration throughout SharePoint Online and shown on the upgraded People-search.

Lastly check out this .gif (from the official blog post) of the new Sharepoint Communication Sites:

The future looks bright and very Sharepoint Online:ish ;)


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