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Power BI + Office 365 Admin reports = <3?

Ever wanted to connect your Office 365 Admin usage reports to Power BI? Ever had your CIO wanting to get nice info-graphics for his/her presentation (or for your own?). Well if you answered yes then Microsoft released some great news the other day - The public preview of the Office 365 adoption content pack in Power BI. Doesn't sound so exciting (was about to type "sexy") but the end result sure does look nice.

To get started, log in as global admin to Office 365 for your tenant, under "Usage Reports" look for the tile "Office 365 Adaption (preview)". Click the Get started-button:

Get started

The button then turns grey (and changes to Go to Power BI) while setting up (2-48 hours according to Microsoft). When everything is done the button turns blue again and you'll be able to see the content pack in Power BI. I haven't been able to see the result from my tenant yet (will probably take 48 hrs ;)) so I'll make a follow up post about the result, but here's some information from the official statement:

The centerpiece of the content pack is a pre-built dashboard, which provides IT admins with a cross-product view of how users are accessing the suite of products within Office 365. For most of the metrics, the content pack provides data for the last 12 months, so you can easily see how usage is trending and has evolved over time.

And here are some sample pictures from Microsoft illustrating the pre-built content:

Start page


It does look nice!


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