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One week after Microsof Build 2017 - top 3 Office 365 news

I've been very busy lately with holidays and wedding planning but now I'm back on track again.

Microsoft Build finished for a week ago. There were some exciting news being presented here and I'll try to rate the most important news (according to me) here:

  • OneDrive Files On-Demand

    This is something we've been looking forward to. The ability to chose what files to be "fully" synced has been the #1 requested feature for OneDrive in Microsoft's UserVoice. In short you'll be able to get (what I like to call) "Tombstone Objects" or "Placeholders" for files synced to OneDrive. The files will then be downloaded when you need them and will not take up necessary space.
  • SharePoint Framework Extensions

    The new(est) SharePoint Framework has been out since February and lets developers build client-side (the ones you should be building) SharePoint Applications. This framework now got an Extension which adds ways to customize the whole SharePoint experience (notification areas, toolbars, metadata in lists etc). For more info check the official resource.
  • Microsoft Graph

    The ever growing Microsoft Graph (it's really awesome, I might make a C# blog about how to access it in the future) got (even more) functionality, more specifically SharePoint Sites, OneNote and Planner data. Furthermore custom data in Microsoft Graph lets us extend the schema and store custom data in users, contacts, groups etc.

There were some other news regarding Teams, Bots, Word/Excel Online too. Head over to the official Guide to office at Build 2017 for lots of Channel9 videos from (and before) Build ;)

Andreas Selevik

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